Being a not-for-profit organization, NBDA aspires to achieve the highest standards in industry training, and it works only with best-of-class training providers to ensure that the integrity of the industry as a whole is not compromised by inadequately trained professionals.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leading and preferred industry facilitator in the development of enlightened, innovative and responsible Big Data related talent across every capacity.

Our Mission

Our Mission must, therefore, strive to be the bridge between the different stakeholders: industry, educational institutions and the government. As such, our role is to help educate and advocate the importance of data analytics, to mediate the evolving talent needs of the industry, and to connect with and galvanize an infant industry into a cohesive national community.

Future Plan

As digitization proceeds apace, the challenges of identifying emerging talent gaps in the BDA industry and taking measures to address them proactively are also growing. IDC recommends the following functional areas that other nations have looked at as they started their journey that can also help Malaysia on its path.

Who We Are

1. NBDA was established in 2015.


2. Growing importance of Big Data in businesses.


3. An urgent need to address the shortage of Data Professionals in Malaysia.

What Do We Do

1. Seek, Identify & Gather Data Professionals.


2. Facilitate Training Framework with Industry Partners.


3. Strive to be the bridge between the different stakeholders.


4. Committed to deliver quality Data Professionals in order to serve a greater national agenda (20:20).