The National Big Data Association (NBDA) aims to build on the Big Data landscape in Malaysia, the NBDA invites first-class training providers that understand the data journey and be part of achieving the Nation’s vision for big data or better yet, exceed it.


Benefit towards training providers and clients:

– Emboldening the mindsets of industries towards adopting a data science culture that further enhances both knowledge and skill-sets within the Malaysian workforce through professional guidance and quality training.


– Directly combating the current skill gaps and talent shortage by building highly trained and productive talents to accomplish business objectives.


– Play a key role in nurturing and growing data professionals for ASEAN who are on par with international standards of excellence. This is in line with the Malaysian Government’s efforts towards developing a high-income nation by boosting the digital economy with qualified data professionals.

Training providers will:

– Deliver courses and programmes that are rich with information about the best of the best practices in the world of data science.


– Produce world-class data professionals who can generate business value by mining actionable insights from Big Data and optimize outcomes in decision-making as well as meet the business goals.


Governance For NBDA Training Provider

To become NBDA Training Partner, download the complete guideline and application document of The Data Science Activation